City of Johnson Creek, WI


Water/Sewer Lateral Insurance Coverage

HomeServe USA Repair Management Corporation recently sent advertising letters to some customers of Johnson Creek Water Utilities.  Though the mailing appears to be an official notice, this is a sales campaign for water lateral insurance coverage.  Similar companies may also contact homeowners offering sewer lateral insurance coverage.  HomeServe is not endorsed by nor affiliated with Johnson Creek Water Utilities and the coverage they or similar companies offer is optional. 

Though the company correctly states that property owners are responsible for lateral repair costs between the Village right-of-way and the home, property owners are urged to read the fine print of the coverage offered by HomeServe.  Additionally, it is recommended that property owners contact their current homeowner’s insurance carrier to see if they are already covered for a lateral damage incident or backup.  If not, they may be able to add water/sewer backup coverage to their homeowner’s policy. 

Residents are encouraged to research HomeServe USA Repair Management Corporation on the Better Business Bureau website, and to contact the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection for more information. 

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