City of Johnson Creek, WI


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my usage higher than usual?
If your water bill suddenly seems high, please be aware that most occurrences of high usage come from leaks within the house. Toilet leaks are the most common cause of high usage and can occur in new or old toilets. A leaking toilet is often characterized by a toilet that always needs the handle “jiggled” to stop running, and toilet leaks can often times be silent. 
To check a toilet for leaks, wait 5-10 minutes after flushing, and then remove the tank cover:
  • Is the water level in the tank too high and spilling into the overflow tube? If yes, you have a leak. If no, try the next step:
  • Put 2-3 drops of food coloring in your toilet tank and let stand for 20 minutes. Is there food coloring in the bowl? If yes, you have a  leak.
Other common high usage culprits are dripping faucets, outdoor hoses being left on, water softener or water heater malfunctions/leaks. Check to see if your water softener is leaking, or if it is cycling more than necessary. Any of these issues can cost you hundreds of dollars per year and should be repaired immediately.

 I am moving, who do I call?
If you are moving in or out of a property in Johnson Creek where you are responsible for the water and sewer bill, contact the Village Hall at (920) 699-2296 to set up or cancel service.
My bill is the same as last month, how is this possible?
The amount of usage is not billed to the last drop used, but rather is billed by each thousand gallon registered on the meter. If your bill is the same amount more than one month in a row, this simply means you are relatively consistent with your usage, but not that you used exactly the same amount down to the gallon.
Who sets the water & sewer rates and how long ago were they raised?
The last full water rate increase was needed for operations and to replace aging water mains. The Village Board petitioned the Public Service Commission for approval of a water rate increase in 1996 and the increase was granted to apply to usage after January 30, 1997. The most recent simplified water rate increase (an inflationary increase) is anticipated to be effective June 28, 2024 and will be a 4.1% increase over current rates.
Sewer rates are approved by the Village Board.  An increase of 8% is anticipated effective at the same time as the simplified water rate increase (June 28, 2024).  Another increase of 8% effective one year from that date has been approved by the Village Board.  The rate increase is necessary to cover an operating deficit in the Sewer Fund as well as pay for debt service on the upcoming sludge dewatering facility construction.  The treatment plant's current sludge processing equipment failed costing the Village nearly $200,000 annually to truck the sludge to where it can be properly disposed of or processed.  
Do I have to pay sewer charges on water used outdoors?
If your property has only one meter, yes. However, utility customers may choose to install a second meter to measure outdoor usage separately. Second meters (water-only meters) are permanent and require plumbing work that must be performed by a licensed plumber. Only customers who regularly use 20,000 gallons or more of outdoor water each year will see a cost savings with a second meter. 
If you plan to install a second meter, you or your plumber needs to apply for a plumbing permit before the work is performed. Once plumbing is complete, the building inspector must inspect the work (Building Inspector Phone: (920) 699-2295). Following inspection, the Building Inspector will inform the Water Department that the meter can be installed.  A $25.00 installation fee is billed to the property owner following installation.  A regular 5/8”x 3/4” second meter is charged a meter fee of $6.00 per month plus water usage of $2.44 per 1,000 gallons.
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