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Can I have a campfire or recreational fire in my yard?
Campfires or bonfires require a burning permit.  Small recreational fires are allowed without a permit as long as they are in a portable device (such as the metal burning pits sold at hardware stores) or non-combustible structures with lids and ember-arresting screens.  The following requirements also apply:
-Fires must be at least 10 feet from any structure of combustible material
-No burning of trash, recyclables, yard waste, rubber, leather, plastic, flammables
-A fire extinguisher, hose or water container must be present
-Fires must be attended at all times
-No fires are allowed between 12 a.m. and 7 a.m.
-Fires shall not create excessive smoke which affects other properties

Can I burn garbage, recycling or yard waste?
These items may not be burned.  For collection dates for these items consult the Yard Waste Schedule or Garbage/Recycling Schedule.  Controlled burning of grass or similar vegetation for environmental management purposes requires a burning permit. 

Click here for Village Ordinances related to burning.


How do I rent the Community Center?
Rental forms are available on the Community Center section of the web site and can also be picked up at Village Hall. Dates are reserved upon completion of application and payment of rental fee and security deposit.   Security deposits may be picked up after your event, provided there is no damage to the facility. Rental fees are for two, four, or  eight hour periods.  Additional time needed for set-up or clean-up must be pre-approved before the event. 

How many people does the Community Center hold?
200 seated auditorium style, 100 seated banquet style 

How many tables and chairs are at the Community Center?
Cushioned Chairs – 125, Tables -   2- 5’ Round, 16- 30” x 72”

What appliances are in the kitchen?
The kitchen contains two stoves, one refrigerator and one freezer. The Community Center kitchen is for catering and reheating only and may not be used for the preparation of food. 

Can liquor be served?
Liquor, wine or beer may be served at your private event as long as it is free.  You may not charge for alcohol of any kind.  Wisconsin Statutes Chapter 125 forbids dispensing liquor to persons under 21 years of age.  Glass bottles are not permitted. 

Can decorations be used?
No tacking, taping, nailing, pinning or stapling in any manner to attach any object, sign, decoration, ornamentation, wire or any other tangible item to the premises is allowed.  No candles (lit or unlit), torch or other ignited or flame-bearing objects are allowed. No helium-filled balloons are allowed unless tied or weighted down.  No rice, confetti, glitter, or bird seed will be allowed indoors or outdoors.

What if I have to cancel a reservation?
Refunds for fees and deposit require minimum 30-day notice. If event is not cancelled 30 days prior, the rental fee is forfeited.  

Click here to visit the Community Center page.


How do I reserve a park building or athletic field?
To verify available dates, view the appropriate park calendar on the Village website or call Village Hall (920) 699-2296.  Reservation forms are available on the Village web site or at Village Hall. 

Who handles recreation programs in Johnson Creek?
Please visit the Joint Recreation web site, e-mail or call (920) 699-7386.

Can I take my dog to the park?
Dogs are not allowed in Village parks with the exception of Crossroads Landing Park. The Jefferson County Dog Park is located just south of the Village off of State Highway 26. 

Click here for Village Ordinances related to Parks.


Do I need a compost card to access the compost site?
Yes; the compost site is now only accessible through the use of a compost card.
When can I use the compost site with a compost card?
The compost site is accessible 24/7 with a compost card.
Is the regularly scheduled Brush & Compost Pickup Schedule going away?
The Village will still have the regular brush & compost pick up. That schedule may be found on our website under the Department of Public Works.
How do I obtain a compost card?
Applications are available on the Village web site and at Village Hall.  Compost cards are a one-time-only-fee of $15 starting 1/1/2024 (cash or check only).
Does the compost card expire?
The cards do not expire.  If you lose the card, you will have to repay the $15 fee. If you move, please return the card to Village Hall to deactivate your name to prevent misuse.
May I share my card with neighbors and friends?
No. Each card is issued one per household/business and given a unique number and card usage is monitored. If there is excessive use, card holders will be contacted.
May I punch a hole in or write on my card?
Punching a hole in the card will disable it.  If you need to label your card, do so with a soft tip sharpie or sticker to avoid damaging the internal components.



Does my pet need to be licensed?
Cats are not required to be licensed.  Dogs five months of age or older must be licensed every year.  Dog licenses expire December 31 each year.  Proof of a current rabies vaccination must be provided to obtain a license.  You do not need to wait until your dog's vet appointment to obtain a license as long as the previous shot has not yet expired.

License fees:
$15 per unaltered dog
$10 for spayed or neutered dogs.   
$25 late fee on license obtained AFTER March 31 (unless dog is newly of age to receive a rabies vaccination or new to your household)
$25 additional dog fee for each dog over two in the household, Additional Dog Agreement form required (available at Village Hall) 

If you are unable to license your dog(s) at Village Hall during office hours, please use Village Hall drop box to apply for dog license(s) and we will mail them to you.  Include a dog license form, copy of most recent rabies vaccination, appropriate license fees, and $1.00 mailing fee.  

Can I take my dog to the park?
Dogs are not allowed in Village parks with the exception of Crossroads Landing Park.  If you wish to exercise your dog at a park, the Jefferson County Dog Park is located just south of the Village off of State Highway 26. 

How many dogs can I have in my home?
Each household is permitted to own or keep two dogs.  Households with more than two dogs shall file an "Additional Dog Agreement" with the Village.  The agreement requires the number of dogs to be reduced to two if the Police Department receives nuisance calls related to the excess number of dogs at the property.  There is also an annual additional dog fee of $25 added to the license fees for each dog exceeding the two allowed.   

What are the animal waste laws in Johnson Creek?
The owner of any pet shall be responsible for immediate removal of animal waste deposited on any property other than the owner's property.  To make a complaint about failure to remove animal waste, please contact the Police Department at (920) 699-2111 at the time the incident occurs. 

Click here for Village Ordinances related to pets and animals.


  • Charter Communications (phone, tv): 800-581-0081
  • LRS/Badgerland (garbage pickup): 608-580-0580
  • Post Office: 920-699-3395
  • TDS Telecom (phone, tv): 920-699-3411 or 888-837-6345
  • WE Energies (gas & electric): 800-242-9137



How can I find out the assessed value of my
Village properties are assessed by Associated Appraisal.  Please visit their web site for detailed information.

Will I receive a notice of assessment each year?
Notices of assessment are mailed only if there was a change to your property value from the prior year.

What if I disagree with the assessed value of my property?
Contact Associated Appraisal at (800) 721-4157 to discuss your assessed value and how it was calculated. If you can not reach a resolution, you may need to appear at the Board of Review hearing (usually held in May each year.)  Board of Review meeting details and notices are posted annually on the Assessor page of the Village web site.  The State of Wisconsin Department of Revenue has some very helpful information regarding property values.

When will I receive my tax bill?
Tax bills are mailed on or before the third Monday of December each year. 

When are taxes due?
Real estate taxes are payable either in full or minimum of first installment by January 31 to the Village of Johnson Creek.  If you choose to pay in installments, the second payment is due July 31 to the Jefferson County Treasurer.  Personal property taxes are due in full on or before January 31.


Where do Village of Johnson Creek residents vote?

Residents who have resided within the Village of Johnson Creek limits for at least 28 days prior to the election are eligible to vote here.  The polling place is Johnson Creek Community Center, located at 417 Union Street, Johnson Creek. On Election Day, polls are open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

How do I register to vote in Johnson Creek?
Visit to register to vote.  Online registration ends the third Wednesday prior to an election.  After that point registration must be done in the office of the Municipal Clerk.  Proof of residence is required.

How do I vote absentee?
Any qualified elector who is unable or unwilling to appear at the polling place on Election Day may request an absentee ballot.  Request an absentee ballot by visiting  Requests for absentee ballots by mail must be made by 5pm the Thursday prior to an election.  In-person absentee voting takes place in the Clerk's office beginning two weeks prior to an election and ends the Friday prior to the election.  

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